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Man cannot survive on beer alone ... but he can try


Thank the gods, today is just a little bit longer than yesterday. And what a day. Two days after Christmas, and here I am, outside in a long-sleeve t-shirt, doing my part to contribute to global warming by burning leaves in the backyard firepit (I hope my future grandchidlren can someday forgive me), while wolfing a slice of cold pizza to compliment my second Sam Adams White Christmas Ale. Meanwhile, honeybees are alighting around me. Honeybees. In December! Can this be a sign that the honeybees are repopulating after the die-off that occurred a couple of years ago? I hope so.

Got the outdoor speakers cranked up like it was June, and after a month of not much but Christmas music, it's nice to hear something else. I'm listening to the new Gov't Mule release, "Dark Side of the Mule," a recording of their Halloween concert from 2008, in which they covered a whole passel of Pink Floyd tunes, including the entire first side of "Dark Side of the Moon." This show is nothing short of magical. I think if I'd been there, I would've spontaneously combusted like a Spinal Tap drummer. There will never be another David Gilmour, but Warren Haynes ain't no slouch on the guitar either, and his gravelly voice is certainly a departure from Dave's oiled honey; but to hear him and the band recreate these Floyd gems with such love and respect sends chills down my spine. "Comfortably Numb" nearly moved me to tears.

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