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Progress report

It's about time I let people in on what's been going on.

A Pebble Tossed: The leaner, meaner version of Pebble, about 75% of its original length, is ready to go. Just finished the proofreading a few days ago. I have a new cover, with bolder lettering over the same image, which I'll release when the revised edition comes out. Dealing with some formatting issues right now before I send the thing in to be printed and published on Kindle. I am toying with the idea of submitting it to some agents again, now that I feel it's more ready for them.

Foul Territory: First draft is finished, and just lying there waiting for me to get back to it. I'll start edits and revisions within the next week or so. I also have a dynamite new cover for it by the erstwhile Jim Geckle, cover guy extraordinaire. Going through some minor tweaks with it before I have the big cover reveal ... say in about a week. After that, as with Pebble, I'm thinking about pitching it to some agents. If anyone picks it up, it could be a good while before it sees print. If not, then I'll publish it myself in 6-8 weeks. I apologize to those who are waiting for it impatiently, but I have to give this a try. If there's a chance I could get traditional publishing, it would be foolish of me to pass that up simply because I'm in a hurry for it to see print.

Short stories: Haven't started any yet, been too busy on the two novels. But I have a story idea in mind that I want to explore and will start on it sometime soon.

Third novel: Haven't started yet. But I have a really good idea and a partial outline for it in my head. Eager to get started on it.

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