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A busy weekend

I feel like I've been through a whirlwind.

CD theme night with my buds on Friday night. Held myself to a single beer (although it was a Peg Leg, sort of like having two of most other beers) because I had to work the next morning. Sucked at pool as usual, but had a good time anyway. Home by a little after midnight.

Work Saturday morning. How I loved that. 'Nuff said.

Listened to the Terps on the radio on the way back from work, picked up my daughter, and got home just in time for the kickoff of the Ravens game. The Terps weren't finished defeating Purdue yet, so for the first fifteen minutes of the Ravens game I watched both: Terps on my tablet, Ravens on TV.

Ravens played great, at least offensively, but the defense was offensive. When a team scores 31 points, they should win. Just sayin'.

Went to bed, got up for my weekly breakfast with my Dad in the A.M. Then, with a deadline breathing down my neck, somehow was able to get myself into my office, where I finally polished up Chapter 1 of my next novel (tentatively titled Rookie Card) and dashed off a quick skeletal version of Chapter 2. Read Chapter 2 to myself, squirted a bunch of red ink all over it, and did a quick polish on that one as well. Then sent both Chapters off to my writers group for a heartless and bloody critique.

Thanks to Bob Broomall and the other writers in my group for giving me the impetus I needed to get started on another novel. Without them, who knows when I would have gotten started on it?

The above artwork, by the way, is by Jim Geckle, the same guy who did the cover for A Pebble Tossed. Notice that each pool ball contains the cover image from an iconic rock album of the '70s or '80s. It's a piece of genius. Free prize to anybody who can name all the albums!

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