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Novel 2 now in progress

Mark this day down.

It's been two days since the finest day in sports of this year so far, two days since the Terps went to 14-1 by whooping Minnesota and the Ravens dominated the Steelers in the Wild Card game, and I've just now caught my breath.

I had to say something about that, but that's not why I'm posting today. The real reason is that ... drum roll, please ... I finally started on my next novel today!

That's right. I started by installing the newest version of Microsoft Office on my computer (my beloved Word 2000 was getting crotchety, to the point where I felt I couldn't write again until I updated). Thank you, lovely Carmella, for the wonderful Christmas gift.

That out of the way, I had no more excuses, so I sat down and banged out the first draft of the first chapter. It ain't much, but you gotta start somewhere, and I'm happy with it. I'll work on it for the next few days until I feel it's ready to send out to the critics in my writer's group, then I'll work on it some more. And maybe start on Chapter 2.

This is a great day. I feel like I got the ball rolling again. I'm very excited about this next novel, because I've learned so much about writing since I started working on Pebble. I hope to avoid many of the mistakes I made in completing that first novel, and get it done quicker to boot! I'm no Stephen King or James Patterson when it comes to speed, but I'm not George R.R. Martin either. I'm fairly sure I can do better than five years between books.

Look out!

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